2017 Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award



August 10, 2017

Every year since 2010, we have had the opportunity and pleasure to name a recipient of the Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award.

This announcement is to notify you that nominations are being accepted for the 2017 Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award. The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated commitment and service to the SIETAR community and the intercultural field.

Nominations will close September 1st, 2017 at 11:59 pm eastern standard time (NYC). Nominations should be emailed toinfo.

Members of any SIETAR around the globe are eligible for nomination for the award. Candidates must be nominated by someone other than themselves. The nomination requires support from a minimum of two other individuals who can speak to the nominee’s intercultural work and service. Nominations and supporting information must be provided in a written format.

Criteria-> 2017 Official MDPusch Founder’s_Award_Criteria.pdf

The Selection Committee, comprised of Patricia Malidor-Coleman, Andy Reynolds, Donna Stringer, Ann Marie Lei and Rob Pusch, will review the nominees applications and make a decision. The successful nominee will be notified a month prior to the SIETAR Annual Conference that will be held October 18-21, 2017 in San Diego, California.

For questions please contact: info@sietarusa.org

Patricia Malidor-Coleman
Immediate Past President
2017 Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award
Committee Chair

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