ATC annual conference 1st call for papers: The Language Industry – a world of opportunities


The Association of Translation Companies’ annual conference, The Language Industry – a world of opportunity, will be taking place in the resort city of Brighton on the south coast of the United Kingdom on 26/ 27 September 2014.

The conference committee is seeking paper proposals which fit into the ‘opportunities’ theme and would be particularly interested in paper proposals that look at the following:

SESSION THEME: Selling language services nationally and internationally

· Growth sectors and how to market into them

· An overview of markets – especially the emerging markets in BRIC countries

· Diversification in the language industry and added value services

· Is transcreation more important than translation?

SESSION THEME: Enhancing the standing of the language industry

· Using professionalism to build value

· Impact of current and emerging ISO standards

· Reputation management and rebuilding it when things go wrong

· Developing a common voice for language companies and their freelance suppliers

SESSION THEME: Can technology offer all the answers?

· State of the market technology overview

· Technology case studies

· Interoperability of technologies

· Measuring technology’s Return on Investment (ROI)

· Can better translations come about through automated source and post editing analysis?

SESSION THEME: National government and EC support for the language industry

· Case studies on how SME’s language needs have been supported in their import and export efforts – client and LSP perspectives

· Government and EC support – what’s on offer and is it effective

· EC initiatives and how they relate to LSPs on the ground

In line with the strong feed back from past ATC conferences, the organising committee is seeking to construct a programme with longer sessions to allow in-depth exploration of topics and maximum inter-action with delegates. This will mean presentations of up to 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for interaction with participants.

Please note: if you have an idea for a paper that does not immediately appear to fit in with session themes, the organising committee would still be interested in receiving a submission – especially papers that look at innovations in the sector or that can be adapted from other areas.

The deadline for the submission of a 200 word summary of your presentation outline is Monday, 2nd June 2014. As well as the summary, please include details of any other conferences at which you have spoken. Please email your submission by clicking HERE.

I look forward to receiving your submission.

With best wishes
Geoffrey Bowden

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