Globalization and labour dictionary the DAMT is online

The Analytical Dictionary of Globalization and Labour, created at the University of Montreal, is online!

Heres the link:

The DAMT (Dancette 2013) is a reference to be used for translation and punctual research in the economy, globalization and human rights fields. Its thesaurus format allows users to search by semantic relations existing among terms (for example, users can explore terms related to SOCIAL REGULATION). It is also possible to explore a list of all the terms grouped into a relations category (for example, all the GENER-SPEC, PART-TOT or ACTOR-ACTION relations).

The DAMT can be perused in English, French or Spanish. Just choose the language in the upper right hand corner.

You will find articles covering different topics, such as: Multinational enterprise, Social regulation, Global value chain, Migrant worker, Ethical trading,Child labour.

Please feel free to share this message with any of your contacts who might be interested in the dictionary!

Jeanne Dancette
Université de Montréal



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