GALA is pleased to announce the think! India keynote

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Is Language a Differentiator or a Unifier?
Both! Language is an integral part of society, culture, and business. It can root you … or it can rout you in a global world.

Join us to hear D. Shivakumar, Former SVP IMEA at Nokia, share his thoughts on globalization, innovation, and the opportunities and challenges companies face in using language to differentiate or unify their markets.

D. Shivakumar to Keynote think! India
Shiv is a brand expert and exceptional leader with a passion for products, people, and innovation. He has managed more than 34 brands across industries from FMCG to consumer goods to mobile phones. He excels at driving and managing growth and he has received numerous leadership, marketing, and innovation awards. He currently sits on several boards, writes regularly for business magazines and newspapers, and teaches at business schools across the globe.
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