EUATC annual 2014 conference – call for papers


The language business tomorrow
– towards a virtual future
Palais des Congrès
Juan Les Pins 8 – 9 May 2014


The theme and sub-text of the 9th EUATC conference is looking towards the increasing globalization of the language industry and its use of the Internet to enable it to operate across borders and time zones to service a market place currently worth nearly $35 billion and growing.

The EUATC’s organising committee is looking for paper proposals that pick up this theme and hopefully address some of the suggested topics below:

  • Can virtual LSPs deliver?
  • Costing solutions for a global market place
  • Debt management for LSPs operating globally
  • Legal challenges for the language industry operating across borders and legal jurisdictions
  • Copyright, ownership of terminology glossaries and other legal maizes
  • Education and the EC – can it help deliver tomorrow’s professionals?
  • Managing language networks
  • Crowd sourcing for the language industry – can it work?
  • Marketing language services nationally and internationally
  • Digital marketing for the translation industry
  • Cloud technology – a silver lining for the sector?

These are only suggested areas, if you have other ideas please that fit with the overall theme please submit them so the conference committee may consider them. Please email a brief outline (250 – 350 words) along with a short biography to: secretary

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CFP: “Performativity and Translation”


CFP: "Performativity and Translation"

First Call for papers for a Colloquium Performativity and Translation
January 9-10, 2014, Hong Kong Baptist University and City University of Hong

WLB105, Shaw Campus, HKBU
As Cristina Marinetti argues, The concept of performativity itself has to
fully articulated in relation to translationyet performativity has only
recently begun to cross paths with Translation Studies, particularly with a
focus on the translators agency or identity and on translation as embodied
epistemologies and aesthetics. A special issue on the subject is forthcoming
in the journal Target 25:3, dedicated to the role of translation and
performativity in the theatre.
Performativity intersects with Translation in a number of ways: Sherry Simon
(1998) and Edwin Gentzler (2008) discuss the adoption of a performative
perspective especially in relation to unpacking notions of identity (Simon
1998; Gentzler 2008). Douglas Robinson discusses the performative
linguistics of translationthat is, translating as doing, doing
something to the target reader. He also mentions Translating as
colonizing, or as fighting the lingering effects of colonialism; translating
as resisting global capitalism, translating as fighting patriarchy, as
liberating women (and men) from patriarchal gender roles () the translator
as a doer, an actor on variously conceived cultural, professional, and
cognitive stages (Robinson 2003).
Performativity has yet to be explored in other areas of Translation Studies:
Dubbing and Subtitling, where the on-screen words or those the actors mouth
reperform, closely or not so closely, those of the original; the
Translators Preface and other paratexts, which introduce a second
performance to the original, supporting, contradicting, directing, or
diverting the reader from the original text; Natural Translation, where,
within the immigrant family, the language performance skills of the child
may give him or her enormous power; translation for a specialized audience
such as children or the deaf, where the translation must perform a role to
construct a specific relationship; and, last but not least, in Interpreting
Studies, where the theatrical performance of the consecutive interpreter has
generally been replaced by the instantaneous performance of the conference
interpreter but can the interpreter remain neutral, a mere conduit for the
ideas of the speaker, or may some kind of bias seep in to the interpreters
performance, as may happen in the cases of many community interpreters?
This two day colloquium invites contributions from scholars on the various
contexts of Performativity within Translation and Interpreting Studies.
The colloquium will also commemorate the immense contribution to Translation
Studies in Hong Kong of Prof. Martha Cheung, whose groundbreaking
scholarship shed important light on the historical and methodological
positioning not only of the translator but of the translation studies
scholar as well and introduced Chinese theories on Translation to many
scholars outside the Chinese world.
Some of these contexts are:
1. Theories of Performativity and their link to Translation Studies.
2. Performativity in Theatre Translation.
3. Performativity in Audiovisual Translation.
4. Performativity and Translation in New Technologies.
5. The Translator as Performing Agent.
6. Performativity in Interpreting Studies.
7. The Literary Translator as Performer.
8. Performativity in Translation in different historical periods.
9. Performativity and Translation at the borders.
10. Performativity and Gender in Translation.
11. Periperformativity as performing the crowd.

Invited scholars include Douglas Robinson, John Corbett, and Lawrence Wong.
Please send proposals for papers (approximately 300 words)
Dennitza Gabrakova
and John Milton
by 25 November 2013.

04/11/2013: Inaugurazione Mostra Wunderkammer


Inaugurazione Mostra Wunderkammer (4 novembre 2013 – ore 18)

WunderkammerPhillippe Courard, Segretario di Stato alla Politica Scientifica,

Vincent Mertens de Wilmars, Ambasciatore del Belgio In Italia,

Philippe Mettens, Presidente del Comitato Direttivo del Ministero della Politica Scientifica,

Wouter Bracke, Direttore dell’Academia Belgica,

Antonio Nardone, Curatore e Rond-Point des Arts asbl

sono lieti di invitare la S.V. all’inaugurazione della mostra


Camera delle meraviglie contemporanea

lunedì 4 novembre 2013 alle ore 18

L’invito allegato è strettamente riservato e valido per 2 persone

Si prega di esibirlo all’ingresso

RSVP (Tel: 06 203 98 638 / mail: inviti)

Academia Belgica – Via Omero 8, Roma –


def invit wunderkammer roma.pdf

didTRAD 2014 – Barcelona

[Text en català a continuació]

[English text below]

didTRAD 2014

El grupo PACTE organiza, en julio de 2014, dos foros sobre Didáctica de la traducción, que se celebrarán en la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona:


Este congreso es un foro de encuentro de investigadores en todos los ámbitos de la formación de traductores e intérpretes.


Este seminario es un foro de formación de formadores en traducción y se dirige a estudiantes de máster y doctorado, profesores noveles de traducción y traductores profesionales interesados en la docencia.

Más información sobre el congreso y el seminario:


El grup PACTE organitza, al juliol de 2014, dos fòrums sobre Didàctica de la traducció, que se celebraran amb caràcter biennal a la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona:


Aquest congrés és un fòrum de trobada d’investigadors en tots els àmbits de la formació de traductors i intèrprets.


Aquest seminari és un fòrum de formació de formadors en traducció i s’adreça a estudiants de màster i de doctorat, professors novells de traducció i traductors professionals interessats en la docència.

Més informació sobre el congrés i el seminari:


PACTE Group is organising two events on the subject of the didactics of translation. These events will be held at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in July 2014.


The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers in all fields pertaining to translator and interpreter training.


This seminar focuses on training translator trainers and is aimed at Master’s and PhD students, new teachers of translation, and professional translators who are interested in teaching.

Further information about the conference and the seminar:

Become a Sponsor or Exhibitor at NAJIT’s 35th Annual Conference!


NAJIT logo2
NAJIT’s 35th Annual Conference
Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities
October 25, 2013
America’s Premier Judiciary Interpreter Organization

to meet in Las Vegas, NV in May 2014!

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your visibility with the growing community of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators who are members of NAJIT and who attend our annual conference every year. NAJIT represents more than 1200 interpreters and translators, including individuals who work with state and federal judicial systems and in law enforcement across America and the world. Our annual conference is regularly attended by more than 200 professional interpreters whose specialty is in the judicial and law-enforcement arenas. NAJIT’s conference is the only interpreter conference solely dedicated to judiciary interpreters and translators.

Our meeting provides a unique opportunity to connect with interpreters and translators who work in judicial settings. Up to 300 interpreters will be in attendance. The conference provides insightful sessions on the profession as well as issues relating to providing professional legal services to limited English proficient individuals.

The mission of The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators is to promote quality services in the field of legal interpreting and translating. Our more than 1200 members nationwide play a critical role in ensuring due process, equal protection, and equal access for non-English or limited English proficient individuals who interact with the judicial system.

NAJIT’s 35th Annual Conference will be held at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, NV on May 16-18, 2014. Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities exist for you that will help you increase your exposure to professionals working in judiciary and law-enforcement interpreting and translating.

To view the sponsor/exhibitor packet, please click here.

If you have any questions about this upcoming event, please feel free to contact Carrington Blake at 202-293-0342 ext. 202 or Carrington. You can also learn more about NAJIT and our programs by visiting our webpage, at

Exhibitor Space is Limited, reserve your spot today!

1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 804
Washington, DC 20006

NAJIT | 1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW | Suite 804 | Washington | DC | 20006

Programma PBF-Translation

Pisa Book Festival

Palazzo dei Congressi – Sala Business

Venerdì 15 novembre 2013

Incontri sulla traduzione editoriale

A cura di Ilide Carmignani

Ore 10.00-11.30

L’ingresso nella professione
Cristina Proto e Giordano Vintaloro (STRADE)

Ore 11.30-13.00

Lingue e generi della traduzione: prospettive future
Franca Cavagnoli, Roberto Keller (Keller), Anna Rusconi, Marco Zapparoli (Marcos y Marcos)

Ore 14.00-15.30
Tradurre L’Inferno di Dan Brown

Annamaria Raffo e Roberta Scarabelli (AITI)

Ore 15.30-17.00

Per una teoria soft della traduzione letteraria

Franco Buffoni

Ore 17.00-18.00
Da traduttore a editore

Lorenzo Flabbi (L’Orma)

Si segnalano i laboratori di traduzionedi Franca Cavagnoli ed Enrico Ganni (Einaudi) organizzati dal Pisa Book Festivalnei giorni 13 e 14 novembre. Info:

L’ingresso in fiera, il venerdì, è libero e gratuito.
Gli incontri non prevedono biglietti o prenotazioni.

GALA is pleased to announce the think! India keynote

India-email-header-logo.gif India-email-header-event.gif
Is Language a Differentiator or a Unifier?
Both! Language is an integral part of society, culture, and business. It can root you … or it can rout you in a global world.

Join us to hear D. Shivakumar, Former SVP IMEA at Nokia, share his thoughts on globalization, innovation, and the opportunities and challenges companies face in using language to differentiate or unify their markets.

D. Shivakumar to Keynote think! India
Shiv is a brand expert and exceptional leader with a passion for products, people, and innovation. He has managed more than 34 brands across industries from FMCG to consumer goods to mobile phones. He excels at driving and managing growth and he has received numerous leadership, marketing, and innovation awards. He currently sits on several boards, writes regularly for business magazines and newspapers, and teaches at business schools across the globe.
View the program for think! India think_chevr.gif
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