tcworld newsletter April 2013


In cooperation with tekom, the German professional association for technical communication and information development

* How to create effective e-learning solutions

* What delights purchasers of translation services…

* Why you need a global content strategy

* Simulation reveals its potential

* tcworld is hitting the road!

tcworld newsletter April 2013
Dear readers,

tekom launches Belgian branch
Connecting technical writers from Europe and abroad has always been an utmost concern for tekom and tcworld. With some fifteen regional branches and four “Country Groups” across Europe, tekom is continuously expanding its international network and enabling a dialogue among professionals from the field of information development.

Today, tekom is proud to announce the foundation of a new Country Group: tekom Belgium will be formally launched during a foundation event on April 18, 2013 at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Leuven in Antwerp. The event is free of charge and open to all tekom members as well as other interested persons.

The Subfaculty of Language and Communication – one of the co-founders of the tekom Belgium branch – will become tekom’s first academic partner. The partnership will enable the Subfaculty to include technical communication into its curriculum and to integrate new teaching and research topics. Read more…

Ensure your presence at the tekom Trade Fair 2013
Registration for exhibitors at the tekom Trade Fair 2013 is now open! The Trade Fair will take place from November 6-8 in the Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden, Germany, accompanied by the tekom Annual and tcworld conferences. You can register online. A floor plan with all available stands will be online shortly.

Kind regards,

Corinna Melville

Editor tcworld

tekom news
Meet tekom at the STC Conference Atlanta
tekom’s president Prof. Juergen Muthig, and the CEO of tekom and tcworld Dr. Michael Fritz, have been invited to join the STC Conference, which will be held in Atlanta on May 5–7. tekom/tcworld will exhibit their services and provide detailed information at booth nb 110 on May 6th and 7th. Prof. Muthig will also give a presentation.

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tcworld to advertise international positions
In an approach to connect professionals and employers across international borders, tcworld will soon advertise positions in the field of international information management. If you are interested in advertising a position, please contact sales.

o tekom Romania event
May 16, 2013
Bucharest, Romania

o tekom Belgium foundation event
April 18, 2013
Antwerp, Belgium

o tcworld Roadshow Europe
June 3-14, 2013
Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Antwerp, Paris

o tcworld conference 2013
November 6-8, 2013
Wiesbaden, Germany

Did you know that …
…the tekom Annual Conference and Trade Fair is the largest event in the field of technical communication worldwide? Last year’s event saw some 3,700 participants and visitors, and numbers are expected to increase this year again.
Current articles
How to create effective e-learning solutions
Many e-learning platforms merely request the learner to read, listen and watch – failing to offer sufficient opportunities to interact. As a result, adult learners often shy away from e-learning solutions. However, if implemented with enough thought and wit, e-learning can achieve great learning results and a high degree of satisfaction. Read more…

What delights purchasers of translation services…
Technical documentation and translation – these two diverse activity areas are closely interlinked with each other in the majority of organizations. According to tekom industry figures dating from 2012, 83% of companies had to prepare translations. Read more…

Why you need a global content strategy
You need a global content strategy. You might look at this statement and think, “I’m a technical communicator. Why on earth would I need a global content strategy? All I care about is the documentation suite and online Help system for this product line.” Read more…

Simulation reveals its potential
100 orders, six technical writers, a new workflow – can this work? Such questions can be cleared with the help of a simulation. Read more…

tcworld is hitting the road!
As Europe’s largest association for technical communication and information development, tekom strives to bring together professionals from across borders and enable a fruitful dialogue. To realize this goal, the tcworld Roadshow 2013 – a mobile one-day conference – will bring the newest trends and developments to technical writers in six European cities. Read more…



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Corinna Melville
Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e.V.

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GF: Dr. Michael Fritz



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