Call for papers: Queen’s Research Group in Translation and Cultural Encounter Postgraduate conference: THEORY AND PRACTICE: NEW CONVERGENCES Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Translation and Interpreting Studies at Queen’s University Belfast announces a postgraduate conference to be held in Belfast on 31 October and 1 November 2013. The conference will include workshops on specific translation practices, round tables, group and flash presentations, poster presentations and panel sessions.

The organizing committee therefore invites proposals for one-hour workshops, one-hour round tables/group presentations, ten-minute flash presentations, poster presentations and twenty-minute papers. The language of the conference will be English. Proposals for papers to be delivered in British or Irish Sign Language will be welcomed, and the conference organisers will provide interpreters wherever possible.

We anticipate that the conference will address all or some of the following themes:
Creativity and its constraints
Practitioner subjectivities
Practice: Contingency and Specificity
Recording practice
Practitioner ethics
The future of Translation Studies
Translation and the Digital Humanities

This list is merely indicative and we will be pleased to receive proposals on other related topics. Please send your proposal (maximum 250 words) to Sarah Buchanan at, by 5th April 2013. A committee will review all proposals and acceptance confirmed by 26th April.

The conference itself will be free (to include tea/coffee, lunches and receptions) although participants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation. More details available from organisers.

Professor Susan Bassnett (Translation Studies, University of Warwick ) and Dr Paul Spence (Department of the Digital Humanities, King’s College, London) will be plenary speakers. Selected contributions will be published.

For more information, please contact David Johnston at __



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