tcworld newsletter February 2013


In cooperation with tekom, the German professional association for technical communication and information development

* Managing projects effectively in India

* Documentation directors reveal their recipes for success

* Of language barriers and strict deadlines: Tackling the German challenge

* From Babylon to the age of agile translation

* “Be authentic and align expectations from the start”

tcworld newsletter February 2013
Dear readers,

The internationalization and globalization of markets has a profound impact on technical communication around the world. Back in the old days, technical documents used to be written in one language. If translated at all, the amount of languages was limited and the translation process often wouldn’t start until the source document was finalized.

Today, technical documentation and translation are closely intertwined, allowing products and documents to be released in various locales simultaneously. According to a tekom survey conducted in 2012, 83 percent of organizations use internal or external translation services. Around 47 percent have their documentation translated into more than ten languages.

These numbers give rise to the question of what kind of quality organizations expect of translation services. A recent tekom study examined what quality means for translation buyers. The findings have been summarized in the tekom publication “Purchase of translation services – A guide”. You can order a copy at info (Price: €25 tekom members/ €40 non-members).

tc roadshow

In order to bring together technical communicators from Europe, tekom is organizing the tc roadshow 2013, a series of six conferences that will be held in different European cities in June 2013. The aim is to provide a platform for technical communication professionals to discuss how technical content can be turned into a major asset for their companies. A conference website will be launched soon. If you are interested in the tc roadshow and would like to receive more information, please contact a.mecklenbrauck.

Kind regards,

Corinna Melville

Editor tcworld

tekom news
New staff member

Tatjana Ristova joined tekom/tcworld as the new sales and marketing manager in January 2013. In this role, she will handle tekom’s marketing activities, coordinate the team of sales professionals and help to develop new projects. With 15 years of work experience as a trained hotel manager, Tatjana is ideally suited to reflect the service-oriented character of tekom.

TCTrainNet expands to Scandinavia

With its online training platform TCTrainNet, tekom strives to enhance the professional image of technical communicators and helps to provide a top-quality certification standard to technical writers around the globe. Most recently World Translation from Denmark has joined the growing network of tekom’s international training partners. Soon World Translation will be able to offer e-learning courses for technical documentation following the renowned tekom quality standard. The online training TCTrainNet is particularly interesting for global organizations that would like to have their technical writers certified according to the high-quality German standard. For more information visit

o tcworld India 2013
February 21-22, 2013
Bangalore, India

o tekom Danmark event
March 5, 2013
Birkerød, Denmark

o tekom Romania event
March 21, 2013

Bucharest, Romania

o tekom France event
Strasbourg, France
March 25, 2013

o tekom Belgium foundation event
April 18, 2013
Antwerp, Belgium

o tcworld Japan 2013
August 26-28, 2013
Tokyo, Japan

o tcworld conference 2013
November 6-8, 2013
Wiesbaden, Germany

Did you know that …
…tekom and tcworld offer plenty of sponsoring and advertising opportunities for 2013. For more information please check out our new marketing preview.
Current articles
Managing projects effectively in India
Managing project teams can be a juggling act even within one locale, but of course, the issues become even more complex when dealing with team members across the globe. Arnold Burian shares some of the techniques he has used to deliver projects successfully, particularly involving team members in India. Read more…

Documentation directors reveal their recipes for success
What are the challenges faced by people who run large documentation departments and how do they handle them? This was the lively debated issue at the panel discussion during the Executive Conference India hosted by tcworld in Bangalore on November 16, 2012.

Read more…

Of language barriers and strict deadlines: Tackling the German challenge
German-Indian business relationships have long been a topic of discussion. Many German companies have been successful on the Indian market for quite some time already. Recent success stories include the Volkswagen Group, who is now operating a manufacturing unit in Chakan, Pune. Other well-known companies such as Bosch, Siemens, and Henkel have also established thriving businesses in India. So what has been the mantra for success for these German companies? And, which attributes will help Indian companies to succeed in the German market?

Read more…

From Babylon to the age of agile translation
Ever since the Tower of Babel, people have sought to overcome language barriers. In those days, news was shared via word-of-mouth at the pace of the swiftest runner. Fast-forward a few thousand years, and information travels around the world at the speed of light via the cloud, consumed by users on the Web and on mobile devices.

Read more…

“Be authentic and align expectations from the start”
Monika V. Kronbuegel is the CEO of Global Division, an international consulting company that focuses on organizational development and human resource development in multinational companies. A German national, Monika V. Kronbuegel has lived and worked in numerous countries including India, Japan, the United States, Latin America, and many European nations. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis, which focuses on intercultural competences in international marketing and the role of intercultural training in international organizations. tcworld magazine spoke to her about her experience with Indian clients and business partners. Read more…



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