tcworld newsletter August 2012


In cooperation with tekom, the German professional association for technical communication and information development

· The silent revolution: Cloud-based translation memory systems

· Achieving deal value through human capital management

· Upholding translation quality with highly specialized translators

· Confluence for collaborative technical publications

· Developing a common language

tcworld newsletter August 2012
Dear readers,

Summer time is here and the preparations for this year’s tekom annual conference and tcworld conference are in full swing. One of the highlights of this year’s conference are “Content Strategies”. Seven presentations and seven workshops are dedicated to this topic. We are particularly proud of the large number of renowned speakers from around the world that will contribute to our unique conference. You can find the online program here.

Online registration will open soon. Early bird rates are available to all those who register before September 24th. Discounts also apply to tekom members as well as to members of tekom’s many partner associations. Apprentices, interns, retirees, and unemployed participants also benefit from a reduced attendance fee. For details visit our registration site.

TCTrainNet expands to Japan and Korea
Two organizations have recently become partners of TCTrainNet, tekom’s international training and certification program for technical communication. The Japan Technical Communicators Association (JTCA) has become an official Distribution- and Certification Partner for Japan and Korea, while hansemEUG is the new official Training Partner in Korea. The agreements will bring a formal certification program to the technical communication communities of Japan and Korea, filling a gap in the sector. Read more…

tcworld appoints TCTrainNet Director of Training
The tcworld team welcomes a new team member: Tony Self joined as the Director of Training for TCTrainNet. Based in Melbourne in Australia, Tony has extensive experience as a technical communicator and trainer. He is a familiar face at many conferences around the world, including the tcworld conference where he has presented a number of lectures and workshops over many years. Tony holds a PhD in semantic mark-up languages and is the author of “The DITA Style Guide”.

Tony will look after the TCTrainNet training platform for technical communication in English. TCTrainNet offers First Level, Advanced Level and Trainer Level certificates for new or experienced technical communicators. The learning materials are primarily hosted online. You can reach Tony at trainer

Kind regards,

Corinna Melville
Editor tcworld

tekom news
For the first time ever, tekom took part in this year’s Evolution of Technical Communications conference, or ETC 2012, on 16 June 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. tekom accepted the invitation from the event organizers SAP und VMware and presented three discussions. Read more…
o tcworld Japan
October 3-5, 2012
Kyoto, Japan

o tcworld conference 2012
October 23-25, 2012

Wiesbaden, Germany

o tcworld India 2013
February 21-22, 2013
Bangalore, India

Did you know that …
…registration for tekom’s international training program TCTrainNet is now open. For more information visit
Current articles

The silent revolution: Cloud-based translation memory systems
If you are a translator or someone involved in translation, have you ever day-dreamed about a translation memory system that provides all its features without the headaches: a TM system that doesn’t conflict with other applications; one that runs smoothly on any system including a Mac; a translation memory system that you never have to update; and last but not least, one that doesn’t cost you hundreds of dollars just to get started. If this vaguely describes your vision, I’ve got news for you: This type of translation memory system is a reality and has been for a number of years already. Read more…

Achieving deal value through human capital management
Many global and international businesses aim to grow and thrive through acquisitions and mergers. But with the majority of these deals failing to deliver their expected value, executives and leaders often find themselves at the end of the integration process looking back wondering what went wrong. As mergers and acquisitions become a driving force in global competition, companies are now being forced to take a closer look beyond the immediate consequences, into the complexities of integrating two – often completely different – worlds into one. Read more…

Upholding translation quality with highly specialized translators
Not all translation service providers are the same. Translation companies are often specialized by industry and types of translation; some use only translators, while others use a combination of translators and machine translation technology. Read more…

Confluence for collaborative technical publications
Atlassian Confluence is an Enterprise Wiki system used by 11,800 customers in 100 countries. With its version 4.2 released in April 2012, it claims to offer over 180 features to support its user community. These features include creating pages, publishing blogs, producing websites, publishing content online as well as in multiple file formats such as HTML, PDF, RTF, and XML. It also offers social networking opportunities. This article explores Confluence as an authoring platform for technical communicators. Read more…

Developing a common language
Organizations today both manufacture and sell globally. This also affects technical writers, who more and more often have to collaborate with international colleagues and business partners. While personal meetings or virtual conferences can be organized without much ado, some things can go wrong with actual communication. Although many employees speak English, there are immense differences in the knowledge of the language and the culture. What measures can be taken to improve communication? Read more…



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