tcworld conference 2012

tcworld_logo.gifIn cooperation with tekom, the German professional association for technical communication and information development * Is Automated Speech Recognition the new lingua franca?* Technologies begin catching up with market expectations

* Making quick reference information mobile

* Leveraging the terminology treasure trove

* Fortune 500 Companies that invest in translation report higher revenue

* Translators without Borders launches Kenyan translation center

tcworld newsletter May 2012
Dear readers,Here is what’s new at tekom and tcworld this month:

tcworld conference 2012
After adding another exhibition hall at the tekom Trade Fair 2012, we are pleased to announce that attractive exhibition space is still available and can be booked at sales or by calling (+49) 711-65704-55.

Attractive sponsoring opportunities are also still available. For more information please contact Cornelia Ilg at c.ilg.

We’d like to thank everyone who has taken the effort to apply for a presentation at the tcworld conference 2012. Successful candidates will be contacted later this month.

Colloquium for technical communication programs at European Universities
Prior to the tcworld conference, tekom is organizing a one-day event on October 22, 2012 in Wiesbaden, Germany. The aim is to have expert presentations and an exchange of experiences with technical communication programs that are offered at various universities in Europe, as well as further discussions on current challenges.

For this purpose, we invite university professors in the field of technical communication in Europe to submit a paper and hold a 15-minute presentation at this colloquium. Please register your attendance by June 1, 2012, and submit your paper by July 1, 2012; both via e-mail to s.lohmueller.The number of participants at this colloquium is restricted. Attendance is free of charge for the selected participants. In addition, colloquium attendees will receive a free entrance pass to the tcworld conference on October 23, 2012.

Introducing tekom’s new Project Manager, Contents
Another recruit has joined the ranks of tekom/tcworld this month: Joerg Michael, a publisher and specialized journalist by trade, has 20 years of experience working across various positions for a local newspaper. He’s also been teaching project management and has recently completed his further studies in technical communication.

In his new position Joerg will look after tekom’s vast range of publications and media, including the tekom Web Portal and the Conference Portal. In addition, he will manage and enhance tekom’s social media presence and develop new content management projects. You can reach him at j.michael.

Kind regards,

Corinna Melville

Editor tcworld and tcworld newsletter

tekom news
Three groups of TCTrainNet international pilot project partners have received the Trainer Level Certificate. Participants came from Denmark, Poland, Italy, Hungary, India, Belgium, Turkey, and Romania. Find out more about TCTrainNet.
o tekom France / tcworld at Localization World Paris
Meet us at our booth and visit our lectures on technical documentation
June, 4-6, 2012
Paris, Franceo ETC 2012
featuring 3 presentations by tekom
June 16, 2012
Sofia, Bulgaria

o tcworld Japan
October 3-5, 2012
Kyoto, Japan

o tcworld conference 2012
October 23-25, 2012
Wiesbaden, Germany

Did you know that …
… you can still book advertising space for the next edition of the tcworld magazine, which will be published in July. For further information, please contact sales.
Current articles
Is Automated Speech Recognition the new lingua franca?
After a decision to implement a direct-to-store supply chain, a local manager of an electronics store in Boston notices an unexpected run on televisions and wants to coordinate a modified schedule with the manufacturer team leader based in Seoul, Korea. Several hours after using a translation program to send an email and facing time constraints, the local manager decides to pick up the phone and call the team leader directly. The team leader, who has been away from his desk on the manufacturing floor, answers the call and the two communicate effectively despite not having a shared language. read more…

Technologies begin catching up with market expectations
Many people have experienced the fun or frustration of playing with technologies that are not yet ready for prime time. Just consider Newton’s pilloried handwriting recognition, mobile phones in the days of spotty networks, or early attempts at plug-and-play (AKA “plug and pray”) software. Machine translation (MT) and automated speech recognition (ASR) fall into that category of innovations that have taken a while to establish their credentials and gain market acceptance. Who hasn’t laughed at MT output or been frustrated by the interactive voice response (IVR) systems that don’t seem to understand that you really do want to talk to a human representative? read more…

Making quick reference information mobile
For decades, quick reference tools such as quick reference cards, job aids and help cards have been used to assist in learning new tasks or as refreshers for tasks performed infrequently. Thanks to mobile technology, that information can now be conveniently displayed on a device when and where it’s needed. The mobile platform is a perfect medium for quick reference information. But how do you convert your existing information to mobile and ensure its legibility and functionality? read more…Leveraging the terminology treasure trove
Microsoft offers a language portal on the Internet. The portal contains terminology in about 100 languages, predominantly about software. The contents of the portal are freely accessible and can be developed further in your own database. read more…

Fortune 500 Companies that invest in translation report higher revenue
In spite of economic uncertainty, most Fortune 500 companies surveyed by research firm Common Sense Advisory increased their investment in translation in 2011. Did their investment pay off in terms of revenue growth? The answer is a resounding “yes”. Businesses that augmented their translation budget were 1.5 times more likely than their Fortune 500 peers to report an increase in total revenue. read more…

Translators without Borders launches Kenyan translation center
Translators without Borders has opened its first Healthcare Translation Center to improve access to knowledge for millions of people. Based in Nairobi, the first Healthcare Translation Center will intensively train local Kenyans to be professional translators in order to get healthcare information out to the people who really need it. Supported by the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, the Healthcare Translation Center will empower Kenyan communities by forming a generation of translators. Local people will be trained to be able to translate simple and detailed vital health information into major Kenyan languages. read more…



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