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* Technical writers and social media

* Translation and liability

* Implementing changes successfully in technical communication

* Translation Management Systems become indispensable

* Apple keeps dominating the tablet market

* Personal cloud will replace the PC as the center of users’ digital lives

tcworld newsletter April 2012
Dear readers,

2012 seems to be flying past even quicker than any year before. While you might still be following up on contacts you have made during the 2011 tcworld conference, at tekom preparations for this year’s event are already well underway.

tcworld conference 2012
An overwhelming demand for exhibition space has pushed tekom to open the gates to more floor space for previous and new exhibitors. Thanks to this, you can still book attractive exhibition space in a new hall for your company’s representation at the tekom Trade Fair. Check out the sales.

tekom introduces new sales team
During the past years of economic insecurity tekom has maintained a healthy growth, both in terms of members and Trade Fair clients as well as in terms of new international partnerships and projects. New team members have been employed to meet the increasing interest in tekom’s projects and events.

Last month two new recruits joined Mohit Paul Arora in the new sales team:

Andrej Hazke graduated in International Business following his studies in Germany and Australia. Born and raised in Russia, Andrej is familiar with both the Russian and Chinese cultures. Carolin Volkmann holds a university degree in business administration and has been working in the retail sector. At tekom, the two of them will be helping new and existing exhibitors of the tekom Trade Fair to find the ideal booth space to promote their products and services.

Kind regards,

Corinna Melville

Editor tcworld

tekom news
The pilot phase of tcworld’s new s.gamisonia.
o Localization World
featuring tcworld track
June 4-6, 2012
Paris, France

o tcworld Japan
October 3-5, 2012
Kyoto, Japan

o tcworld conference 2012
October 23-25, 2012
Wiesbaden, Germany

Did you know that …
… new advances in automated speech recognition in combination with machine translation is in the focus of the new tcworld print magazine, which has just been released. Visit
Current articles

Technical writers and social media
A recent tekom study, which included 1595 participants – mostly tekom members – investigated the use of social media, including Web 2.0, e.g. forums and rating platforms. Another focus lay on the use of networks such as facebook, XING or LinkedIn. The spread of tablet PCs and smartphones, as well as the use of tekom web forums was also studied. Read more…

Translation and liability
Everybody who deals with translations and everybody in the language service business knows: When you process translations without checking them you must take translation errors into account. Checking and proofreading outsourced translations is an important part of the language service supply chain. But what happens when a translation goes wrong? Printing costs for a company image brochure can easily exceed the translation costs by factor ten. And what happens when a user manual contains faults due to a translation error and users suffer injuries or even loss of life? Who is liable for the damages, who is responsible and how can international enterprises protect themselves from huge liabilities due to translation errors? Read more…

Implementing changes successfully in technical communication
“If you keep on doing what you can, you’ll always be what you already are”, said industrialist Henry Ford. Such an attitude would be risky even today, faced with new technologies at increasingly shorter time intervals, upheavals in the markets, a transforming work environment and a changing user behavior. Whether it is a mobile document, new communication media or organizational changes in collaboration: Everyone who wants to remain competitive and improve the position of technical writing cannot avoid dealing with the new circumstances and the active management of change processes. Read more…

Translation Management Systems become indispensable
Over the past decade, translation management system (TMS) products have gone from being applications in search of users to an indispensable part of the arsenal used by companies in command of – or in search of – global markets. Which industries and what departments are using these systems? Why did they elect to purchase TMS software, how are they using it, and are they satisfied with the results? Read more…

Apple keeps dominating the tablet market
More than 112 million Americans — one-third of the US adult population — will own a tablet by 2016 according to a Forrester Research report from March 2012. The report shows no significant Android challenger to Apple’s dominance of the tablet market: A consumer survey shows Apple with a 73% market share; no other brand has more than a 6% market share. When asking consumers which brand of tablet they are considering to buy, 61% said Apple, while 24% named Amazon. Read more…

Personal cloud will replace PC as the center of users’ digital lives
By 2014, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users’ digital lives, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner analysts said the personal cloud would begin a new era that will provide users with a new level of flexibility with the devices they use for daily activities. This will require enterprises to fundamentally rethink how they deliver applications and services to users. Read more…



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