Turkish Culture, art and literature have generously contributed to universal culture and science through its literary products flowered in various geographies in different languages and in different styles throughout the history. Both the effects of Anatolian, Mediterranean and Mesopotamian civilizations and the cultural interrelations established both with the Eastern and the Western societies have strongly influenced Turkey’s rich cultural artistic and literary heritage. This cultural and artistic accumulation which has emerged as a consequence of thoroughly different experiences displays a unique form of its own.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Republic is a pioneer in producing sample projects for the survival and enrichment of national culture in addition to the works for sharing the rich cultural, artistic and literary accumulation of Turkey with other nations of the world so as to contribute to the universal culture.

In the contemporary world, the blending of various cultures and civilizations; has led the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to establish a publication policy in accordance with this process. It has introduced the principal authors of Turkish culture, art and literature to the world and paved the way to foreign readers to read Turkish works in their native languages.

TEDA, which is essentially a translation and publication subvention project, was vitalized in 2005 for the wider dissemination of Turkish culture through the translation or publication of Turkish cultural, artistic and literary work outside of Turkey. Within the framework of TEDA aiming to share Turkish cultural, artistic and literary spirit with the readers outside of Turkey in their languages; the ministry provides subventions to international institutions, enterprises, companies, foundations and publishing firms which will publish such books.

The project of TEDA initiated in 2005 have extensively attracted the attention of international society and held a great success. Since the beginning of the project; the publishers from 50 different countries have been given support for the translation and publication of 985 works. Both the number of works being granted subvention and their success reveal the significance of TEDA’s role in the dissemination of Turkish written heritage throughout the world.

Deadline for Applications

  • Applications can be made throughout the year.
  • The deadline for the Spring term, 2012 is the last working day of April
  • The deadline for the Autumn term is the last working day of October.



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