Déjà Vu workshop 24 March 2012

Translation Group at Imperial College London
Saturday, 24th March 2012

Déjà Vu


There are places available for the Déjà Vu

workshop being held by the Translation Group at Imperial College on the 24th March 2012. This is open to professionals as well as students.

Translation Technology Courses 2012

Déjà Vu

Venue Room S309, Level 3, Sherfield Building

Imperial College

Exhibition Road, South Kensington Campus

London SW7 2AZ


www.imperial.ac.uk/pls/portallive/docs/1/48903696.PDF (Building number 20)

Number of Attendees 20 maximum
Date Saturday, 24th March 2012
Time 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Coffee served from 10 am. Lunch from 1 until 1:45 pm.

Course Fee Including tea/coffee & buffet lunch Full rate: £110

Student concession: £60

Course Trainer Mr Mark Shuttleworth
Trainer Background Senior Lecturer in Translation at Imperial College London
Who Would Benefit? Freelance translators, undergraduate and postgraduate translation students
Course Objectives By the end of the day you should be able to use the basic functions of this popular and powerful translation memory package.
Subtitling Software Déjà Vu X
Course Content The course starts with a general presentation of the popular, industry-standard translation memory package Déjà Vu X. Compared to other TM packages, this application provides an unusually high level of automation and flexibility in deciding precisely which features you wish to use when working on your translations. This means that Déjà Vu can perform a wide range of time-saving tasks for you but can be configured to work according to your preferences so that you as the translator will always feel in control. Like with all TM packages, as your translation memories and terminology databases increase over time the level of help that Déjà Vu is able to provide will also increase, helping you to work with greater speed and internal consistency, reducing the amount of typing that you need to do and allowing you to devote your energies to the more creative and mentally challenging sides of the translation process.

Specifically, the course will cover topics such as creating projects, translating, working with translation memory, using Déjà Vu’s various automation features (including AutoPropagate and the extremely powerful AutoAssemble), adding words to the termbase, exporting a completed translation, etc. Features will be clearly demonstrated before you are asked to try them yourself. A detailed handout plus demonstration files for translation out of English will be provided, but you will be welcome to bring your own material along so that you can get a feel of how the software handles your type of work. Owing to time constraints some more advanced features of the software (such as pretranslation and use of the lexicon) will not be covered.

Certificate You will receive a certificate of attendance.
Contact Francesco Corso, t.barbanneau
Website www.imperial.ac.uk/humanities/translationgroup/translationtechnologycourses

To apply for a place email Francesco Corso t.barbanneau

Thank you

Francesco P Corso

MSc Translation Administrator

Imperial College
Humanities Department

Level 3 Sherfield Building, Room S312c

South Kensington Campus



Tel: +44(0)207 594 8833



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