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 Friday, 23 September 2011

School of Oriental & African Studies University of London


This year's meeting of the Association of Translation Companies is seeking to inspire business owners and professionals working in the language business.  We want to maintain our reputation for putting on one of the most thought-prevoking and energising language business conferences.  However, to do that we need presentations full of content that will send away delegates inspired by what they've heard and eager to apply the ideas within their own language businesses.  The areas we intend covering include:

  • Latest technology – up date on automation – what to invest in
  • Alliances – global, European and local
  • Marketing your business – educating the purchaser
  • Market and partnering opportunities in:  Middle and Far East; Africa; South America and the Indian sub-continent
  • Winning new business – sales and after care
  • Selling translations into niche markets
  • The law and the language business
  • Winning and retaining government contracts – partner working with framework winners
  • Developing the quality agenda and making more from doing it right
  • Fostering the next generation of linguists

Do you have a paper on any of these topics? Do you have suggestions for other papers you would like to share with the profession?  If the answer is "YES!" email your idea to: generalsecretary@atc.org.uk

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.  Alternatively, if you have heard a speaker that's inspired you and you feel that the ATC should be providing a platform, tell me about that person!

Best wishes

Geoffrey Bowden

ATC General Secretary 



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