The Story of Cupid, Kamadeva

2010 March 9

Cupid or Kamadeva, the Vedic deity of Love astride his mount the parrot, whose form embodies Rati, his consort. Together these two deities, Kama (Love) and Rati (Lust) keep even the greatest of transcendentalists under their grasp. Wielding five flowery arrows (representing the five senses), Kama shoots at the living entities using a bow made of sugarcane, and a bowstring made of hovering bees both representing the mind succumbing to lust…

Afraid of Kamas arrows? Well, there is hope. Kama and Rati have competition! The famous south Indian saint, and king, Kulasekhara prays in his Mukunda Mala stotra as follows:

O Cupid, abandon your residence in my mind, which is now the home of Lord Mukunda’s lotus feet. You have already been incinerated by Lord Siva’s fiery glance, so why have you forgotten the power of Lord Murari’s disc?



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