BDÜ international conference INTERPRETING THE FUTURE

Latest news:
– Over 300 registrations already received for the "Interpreting the Future" conference
– Jutta Limbach, former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, agrees to attend as keynote speaker
– Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin, sends greetings to the conference participants

Five weeks before the early-bird registrations deadline, over 300 colleagues have already registered their attendance at the international conference on "Interpreting the Future – Challenges for Interpreters and Translators Arising from Globalisation" to be hosted by the BDÜ in Berlin from 11 – 13 September 2009. At this very early stage, the list of participants already includes numerous colleagues from almost every European country and several from North and South America. Enquiries have been received from the Arab countries, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Many people from the language services departments of major companies and institutions have also announced their intention to take part.

Prof. Dr. JUTTA LIMBACH, former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Chairwoman of the German Language Council until 2007 and President of the Goethe Institute until 2008, recently also agreed to attend the conference as a keynote speaker. In her address, this brilliant speaker will present the gist of her 2008 book "Hat Deutsch eine Zukunft? – Unsere Sprache in der globalisierten Welt" ("Does German Have A Future? Our Language in the Globalized World"). Information on all the keynote speakers and the topics and speakers for the around 80 further presentations and workshops at the conference can be found at the conference website

KLAUS WOWEREIT, Governing Mayor of Berlin, sends his greetings to the participants in the conference. In those remarks he underscores the importance of translators and interpreters as professional bridge-builders across linguistic and cultural divides. His greetings can also be found at, together with a host of further information on the conference, a list of exhibitors at the accompanying trade exhibition, and information on how to register, etc.

Registration for the conference at the preferential early-bird rate is still open until 31 May. Register your attendance NOW at the conference website! There will surely not be an opportunity like this in Germany every year to discover new prospects and solutions to familiar and new problems, discuss your experience with colleagues, make new person-to-person contacts with fellow translators and interpreters and prospective customers or employers and establish networks throughout Europe and worldwide.

Wolf Baur
Member of the BDÜ Federal Executive Committee



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